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Are you going out with your friends? Or how about a large birthday bash? Or simply have a good time at a party? A party bus is an ideal option for these requirements, and here’s why! A party bus hire Melbourne is a popular and safe method to keep the party going on the way to your destination. These party buses may be incredibly lavish and a terrific way to finish off your night. Your entire group may travel with you; no one needs to be the designated driver, and the fun doesn’t have to stop while you’re on the road. Furthermore, some party buses are outfitted with a dancing pole. However, there are a few factors to consider when calculating the entire cost of chartering a party bus so that you know how much it costs to rent a party bus.

How Prices of Party Bus Chater in Melbourne are Determined?

Time is the most important pricing indication when it comes to party bus rentals. The majority of rental firms charge a flat rate for renting a party bus for 5 hours. There is a 4-hour minimum on weekends. The fee is then calculated by the hour. If you simply require an hour, please contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

Most firms provide party bus rentals that include vehicle cleaning and preparation. This might let you personalise the experience to your party’s needs, such as decorations and flowers. However, depending on what you carry on board, there may be an additional charge. Some party bus operators may include a stocked alcoholic bar in the fee and gratuity, so make sure to inquire. It is dependent on your rental location and bus type with Bookbuses.com. Party bus service normally includes a complimentary bottle of champagne, ice, or bottled water. Let’s get more explicit about the cost.

Pricing Estimates for Party Bus Rentals in Melbourne

4-Hours 8-hour minimum additional hours Rent a Party Bus for the Entire Day at $695-$1,050. Unless you drive more than 100 miles, they are billed per hour. There is a legal limit of 10 hours each driver and a maximum of 15 minutes on the job. 8-10 hours is a full day or night.

If you are pleased with your service, we recommend that you tip your driver.

How much does a 5-hour party bus cost?

On a weekend night, the cost of a 5-hour party bus hire ranges from $695 to $1,250. The price might vary depending on the day of the week, the season (summer is more costly than winter), and the holiday period. We’re also coming close to determining the size of your party bus. Smaller party buses for less than 15 people are often 30% less expensive than a normal party bus for 30 passengers. Full-sized 50-passenger party buses are more costly and only available in certain areas. But it was a lot of fun!

Things to Consider to Rent an Affordable Party Bus Charter in Melbourne


The cost of a party bus is determined by a variety of things. Location is one of the most crucial criteria in determining how much it costs to book a party bus. For example, if you want to book a party bus in New York City (particularly on the weekends), it might get expensive. Even so, you may plan your journey ahead of time, avoiding weekends, selecting the appropriate bus size, and saving money.

Date of Travel

Booking at the last minute, like with other things, might increase your cost. There may be a limited supply. We recommend reserving your bus 8 weeks in advance, but if it’s a popular period or vacation, consider booking several months in advance, 4-6 months. Cancellation is always possible, although last-minute bookings might be extremely expensive.


Select the appropriate Party Bus

When it comes to the best bus hire in Melbourne, there are several possibilities. There are three sizes of party buses: giant, regular, and mini. A tiny party bus may accommodate 14-16 persons. A normal size party bus may accommodate 20-30 persons. If you have a larger group, a larger party bus, which can accommodate 36-50 people, could be a better alternative. A service bar with insulated coolers is fairly popular on regular and big-capacity party buses. The interior lighting colours on all party buses vary. Make sure to request alcoholic beverages if you require them since they can be offered upon request and may affect the pricing. The size of the bus may also influence the price; generally, the larger the bus, the higher the price, so make sure to select the appropriate size for your party.

Select the Best Amenities

The unique aspect of booking a party bus is that you are not limited to traditional modes of transportation. On the journey to your destination, you may have a lot of fun. Power outlets, AM/FM/CD/DVD/TVs, Bluetooth compatible stereo system, laser and strobe lights, customizable lighting, integrated bar with more excellent, alcoholic beverages (upon request), dance pole, complimentary ice and bottled water, napkins, cups, and a bathroom are the most common features you may find on a party bus. Most party bus rental companies will let you decorate the bus with balloons or flowers, although this may come at an extra fee. Also, make sure to verify with the individual firm to see what is and isn’t permitted. Others will not allow booze or dancing on the trip, and some facilities may be charged extra.

How much does it cost to hire a party bus?

How much does a party bus cost? Renting a party bus typically varies based on the locations or when you rent. Size is also an important consideration. To obtain a quotation for your trip, call Dhillon Bus Charter service at 1800 344 566 or request a quote at our website for advance bookings this holiday season.