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Student life is filled with events, including tours, field trips, activity trips, and hackathons. When traveling with students, you must ensure that everything is planned earlier. It can be challenging to acquire permission slips, plan lunches, find chaperones, and herd everyone into a bus. Therefore, you should always have a well-thought-out game plan when traveling with kids.

Dhillon Bus Charter has a wealth of experience working with student event planners to provide a safe and reliable transportation method for their events. Hiring a charter bus for school field trip in Melbourne for a field trip is an excellent way to keep everyone in your group together in one vehicle, fostering school pride and encouraging new friendships.

We’ve compiled a complete guide to student bus rentals that will bring you one step closer to finding the perfect school bus for a field trip.

Tips for Hiring a School Bus for Field Trips in Melbourne

charter bus for school field trip in melbourne

Explore bus options

A school bus is an easy way for students to travel. These buses can often be readily reserved and efficient for short trips. However, long-distance travel or outings in big cities with heavy traffic can make them uncomfortable. It doesn’t sound enjoyable to have your camp group stuck away on a bus in Melbourne traffic. So, book a modern motor coach for longer school trips to keep the students entertained and more comfortable.  

Dhillon Bus Charter provides access to various charter bus models for all group sizes. The number of students in your group will typically help you choose the appropriate kind of charter bus. We advise using a minibus for groups of 25 or fewer, whereas charter buses work well for bigger groups. Minibuses don’t have onboard facilities and have fewer storage possibilities, so keep that in mind while choosing your bus model. 

If you’re going long distances and have young children who require a bathroom break in the middle of the trip, a full-size charter bus is a better option.

Look for amenities for easier travel

Charter bus hire can come with various amenities that make traveling with students less stressful. You can request entertainment options such as WiFi and TVs with DVD players to avoid boredom. Play a movie to entertain kids or allow older kids to stream their preferred media on their mobile.

Consider safety and mobility needs.

While charter buses can offer comfort and safety, school buses are a reliable way to travel. Dhillon Bus Charter offers school charter hire in Melbourne that include safety features to ensure every passenger has a safe ride.

In order to safely assist guests who can’t transfer from mobility devices, we can also reserve ADA-accessible charter buses. The ADA-accessible buses in our network might also include wider aisles and handrails so that everyone can travel safely and comfortably.

Know About your driver

If your group is large and rowdy, select a driver that is experienced with driving around kids. It’s preferable if you can choose a driver who possesses the necessary licenses or authorizations needed by your community’s government or school board, has passed a thorough background investigation and has completed a drug test.

Benefits of Hiring School Bus

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Convenient: Most teachers find dealing with a large group of students outside of the school atmosphere difficult. If the difficulty of the ride is causing your students anxiety, the commotion will blow up.

This problem is resolved by renting modern coach buses for school trips. There are plush seats, enough space for everyone, and captivating, beautiful vistas out the windows. 

Hygienic and Clean: One kid can make a mess, but an entire class can cause havoc. That’s why professional charter bus service companies clean and disinfect their buses to ensure there is no risk to passengers’ health.

Trustworthy: There are a lot of unpleasant situations related to transportation that could make you miss your flight or ruin your trip. Of course, the most crucial factor is the safety of children. Always hire a reputable bus operator when organizing field trips to lower the risk of any mishaps.

The professional training of charter bus drivers ensures the safety and general caliber of the bus ride. Drivers come to work well-prepared, having researched the route they will take and the current traffic situation.

Makes trip enjoyable: A school field trip on a charter bus just enhances the atmosphere and enjoyable times with your peers. On the way there and back, kids have plenty of time to enjoy themselves. The journey will be recalled for its comfortable ride and incredible views.

Book Your Dhillon Bus Charter Today

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Dhillon Charter- Bus Hire In Melbourne  is available for all of the group transportation requirements of educators, athletic coaches, and camp counselors. We want you and your group of children to enjoy the journey as well as the final destination! For further details, contact us anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many buses do I rent?

Dhillon Bus Charter is available to assist and has an abundance of experience organizing group transportation for student groups. There are two crucial aspects to take into consideration when looking to charter buses for student transportation. The size of the group is obviously important, followed by how much luggage you want to bring.

For a quick comparison, a coach bus can accommodate up to 55 passengers, whereas a school bus can accommodate up to 47. 

When to book your bus?

It may sound repetitive but book your bus as soon as you can. If possible, book the bus in advance, ideally between 6-9 months. This will guarantee that we can use our extensive network of bus providers across Melbourne to find you the best rate.